6 Tips For More Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketers are always under pressure to increase the results of their campaigns.

The inbox is a crowded place and with so many companies competing for your customers attention we need to do everything we can to drive better ROI from the campaigns we send.

It can be very tempting to just send more emails, but that can lead to its own problems like increased unsubscribes and lower engagement rates. We need to be smarter with the campaigns we send.

This can mean spending more time finding out what our customer actually want and sending them relevant and timely content. Targeting your campaigns to the right people at the right time.

6 tips for a successful email campaign

Below are 6 tips to help you send more successful email campaigns

Test, test and test again – Test every campaign you send – Test subject lines, creative, calls to action, time of day, day of week. Experiment with animated images.

Manage your reputation – Your reputation affects your deliverability. Poor deliverability has a detrimental effect on your campaign results. Monitor unsubscribes, hard bounce rates and overall list quality

Segment your email list – many email marketers still batch and blast campaigns. However it’s possible to do more with less, you can segment your data on in any number of ways – age, gender, purchasers, top buyers, birthday/anniversary, lapsed, abandoned shopping cart, persona/profile.

Content – Make sure your content is relevant and timely, delivering what your subscriber signed up for.

Spend time on your subject linestill often an overlooked element of a campaign. Having a well crafted subject line is going to help get your email opened. Don’t mislead your subscribers – make the subject line relevant to the copy.

Monitor Results  – Define what your key performance indicators are. Check the results of every campaign and you’ll be able to get insights into what works and what doesn’t. KPI like delivered emails, unique open and click rates and conversions are a good starting point. Use these results to make changes to further email campaigns you run.

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