Email Campaign – Pre Send Checklist

Most email marketers will agree that the point at which you hit the send button on a campaign can be an anxious time.

Have you got everything right? Is the content correct and free from spelling mistakes? Do all of the links work? Is the list correct?

With so much to think about it’s no wonder we suffer from send anxiety before we launch a campaign.

But while not being complacent is a good thing, worrying yourself to death every time you have to send a campaign isn’t.

Reduce send aniexty with a campaign checklist

That’s where having a simple email campaign checklist comes in handy.

Depending on the type of campaign you are sending your checklist doesn’t need to be overly complicated but you should cover the basics

A very simple checklist could look like this

  1. Is the correct list attached to the campaign?
  2. Is the subject line correct
  3. Has the email been tested – content and links working correctly

Now that’s very basic, but it covers the essentials of a single campaign.

You can expand this to include a little more detail

  1. Is the content correct and free from errors?
    1. Has it been spell checked
    2. and proofread?
  2. Is the subject line correct?
  3. Data
    1. Do you have all the data you need? – Depending on the type of campaign you may need additional data from your CRM system.
    2. You may need to exclude some contacts from a campaign. Do you have a suppression list in place?
  4. Has the campaign been tested in the most popular email clients?
    1. Does it render correctly in mobile devices?
  5. Are the links in the email to be tracked?
    1. Has link tracking been set up?
    2. Do the links all work correctly?
  6. Is the correct list attached to the campaign?
    1. Is the segmentation or filter for the campaign correct, has it been checked?
  7. Are the from and reply addresses correct?
    1. Is the from name correct?
    2. Is the campaign being sent from a company or individual name?
  8. Final approval
  9. Schedule for broadcast

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