Email From Name Best Practice

The Email ‘from name’ best practice

There are a number of elements that go into making up a successful email campaign.

Data and segmentation, content, sender reputation and subject line are all important in ensuring that a campaign performs as you want it to.

One other element that is sometimes overlooked is the from name. It’s sometimes known as the friendly name.

The from name is the name that appears in the contacts inbox and identifies who the email is from.

The from name and from address can have a surprising impact on the open rate of your email.

Best practice dictates that you should never use something like ‘No Reply’ or ‘Do Not Reply’ as this would discourage your contacts from getting in touch. Experience also shows that many will simply hit the reply anyway. You should make it easy for your contacts to get in touch with you.

Have a quick look at your own inbox and you’ll soon see different variations of the from name. It will differ from company to company and also whether it’s B2B or B2C.

In the example from the updates tab in my Gmail account you’ll see some different variations, including name, company name and name and company name.

The Email From Name

Experiment what combination of the from name works for you

You can easily test which configuration of the from name gets a better response. Set up a simple test with the following variables.


Company Name or Brand Name

Name + Company Name (or Brand Name)

It may take a few weeks to get a definitive result, depending on the size of your list and how frequently you email but you should soon be able to tell which combination works best for your list.

As with all things marketing, test, then test again.

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