Getting Started With Automated Email Campaigns

What are automated email campaigns?

Unlike a standard email campaign that you would create once and send to an entire list, an automated campaign is sent to a contact when they meet a certain set of criteria.

For example, when someone signs up to your email newsletter via your website they could be sent an email that thanks them for signing up and then perhaps directs them back to other sections of the website, an offer or other content such as a getting started guide.

To do this manually would be very time consuming, with each campaign needing to be created over and over. When a campaign like this is automated it’s simply set up once and allowed to run without you having to touch it.

What types of email campaigns can be automated?

OK so now you understand what an automated email campaign is let’s explore the types of campaign that can be automated.

There are dozens of campaigns you can automate, below is 11 types of email campaign you can automate

  • Birthday/Special Occasion
  • Prospect/Lead
  • Welcome/Thank You
  • New Customer
  • Abandon Basket
  • First Purchase/Repeat Purchase
  • Survey e.g. Post Purchase
  • Double Opt In
  • Re-engagement campaigns
  • Upsell/Cross sell
  • Web visit/behaviour
An example of an automated email campaign

An example of an automated welcome email campaign

Some of the above may require additional data, for example an abandon basket campaign would require details of the item left in the basket, together with pricing information.

A post purchase survey may also require the product that the customer bought. This data would need to be fed into the campaign for it to trigger correctly.

Some campaigns can be relatively easy to set up, for example a welcome/thank you campaign in some instances need only be one email, yet still be an effective way of driving engagement with your contacts.

Targeting new prospects/leads with automated emails is a cost effective way of promoting your products or services. A series of emails can be automated to highlight products, your USP, offers or discounts.

The list could go on and on, hopefully this is enough to give you something to think about!

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