Know your true email deliverability

Do you know your true email deliverability?

A lot is made of email deliverability, and getting into the recipients inbox is not an easy task, but do you really know your true email deliverability?

Most ESP’s (Email Service Providers) will provide stats on the deliverability on each email campaign that you send. Providing you are doing all the basics right you shouldn’t be having too many issues.

However there’s a slight problem with these stats because the email deliverability that the majority of ESP’s quote is total emails sent minus number of bounces (hard and soft combined).

The issue here is that it isn’t true deliverability because it doesn’t take into account emails that go missing or are not delivered to the recipient (sometimes known as absorbtion) or those that find their way into the junk folder.

One way to check this is to run an inbox delivery report. Most ESP’s offer this service as part of your subscription with them or you can buy ‘inbox inspections’.

Once you’ve set up your email, run an inbox inspection which generally involves your email being sent to a number of test accounts set up by the ESP with all of the major ISPs (we’re talking hundreds of email accounts with each).

You will then receive an report back telling you whether your campaign made it into the inbox, the junk folder or went ‘missing’ together with some recommendations on how to improve your campaign, including spam checks and a report showing how your campaign rendered across most of the main email clients.

You can fine tune your campaign until the results improve. If you send weekly email campaigns run these reports once or twice a month, if you send monthly newsletters run one on every send.

Bear in mind that reaching 100% deliverability while not impossible is unlikely, there are just so many different factors determining the delivery of your campaign but you can maximise your chances of better deliverability with a few simple checks.

Phil Monk

I am a email marketing consultant with over 10 years experience running B2C, B2B and eCommerce campaigns. I’ve also run and managed SEO and PPC campaigns

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