Segmenting Email Marketing Lists

The days of batch and blast email campaigns are long gone. In today’s crowded inbox it’s important that you reach the right recipient with the right message.

Targeted email campaigns are much more effective than sending a generic email to your entire list. By segmenting your email marketing list you will increase response and improve the return on investment (ROI) of the email marketing campaigns that you send.

Segmenting Email Marketing Lists

Segmenting Email Marketing Lists

Below is a few examples of how you can segment your list, it should give you enough ideas to get you going.

  • Regular newsletter segmented based on purchase habits
  • Gender targeted – fashion, clothing, footwear
  • Limited time offer
  • First purchase offer
  • Top performers offer
  • Win-back lapsed or cancelled
  • Abandoned basket/cart
  • Product replenishment – re-order your last order
  • Birthday/anniversary greeting or offer
  • Warranty renewal
  • Customer survey
  • Newsletter reactivation – Those not opened an email for several months, remind them why they signed up, what the benefits are of a subscription and ask them to confirm they would like to continue to receive your email.

You’ll find that these segments are much smaller, sometimes even just one to one communications in the case of anniversary or birthday campaigns but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the return will be smaller.

Consumers now expect targeted offers and won’t respond to those that aren’t. With email filters now common place in many email service providers like Gmail email marketers need to work harder to get that click.

A simple test can prove how effective segmenting your email data is. Take your segmented list and send the campaign to it. At the same time take the same campaign and send it to a non segmented list and measure the response. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Phil Monk

I am a email marketing consultant with over 10 years experience running B2C, B2B and eCommerce campaigns. I’ve also run and managed SEO and PPC campaigns

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