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A reminder from Google about selling links that pass PageRank

A recent Google webmaster email contained an update about selling links that pass PageRank.

Selling links that pass page rank violates Google’s quality guidelines about link schemes

Google PageRankGoogle reiterated that selling links on pages that pass PageRank can cause your site to lose trust in Google’s search results, this can lead to lower rankings of your site in the search results. Google will take action on any site found to be selling links.

They stated that you need to be aware of anyone approaching you to pay for links from a page on your site with PageRank (this includes advertorial pages with embedded links)

If you’re site has violated Google’s guidelines, you’ll receive a warning via Google’s webmaster tools, with a message for “possibly artificial or unnatural links on your site pointing to other sites that could be intended to manipulate PageRank” This is a strong indication that you have lost trust with Google and it could be affecting your site.

Make sure your site doesn’t pass PageRank

You need to make sure that any paid links don’t pass PageRank. You can remove the links or pages, or use the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

Once you have cleaned up any links or page submit a reconsideration request and someone at Google will review it. You’ll get notified once the request has been reviewed.

Google take a very dim view of sites selling links that pass PageRank so my advice is not to do it. At best your site will lose position in Google’s search results, at worst your site could be removed from Google’s results all together.

Phil Monk

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