Developing a Linkedin Strategy For Business

Developing a Linkedin Social Media Strategy

Developing a Linkedin Business Strategy

Linkedin can be a really useful tool for promoting your business. But like any marketing channel it needs a proper plan before launching.

Below are some useful tips for developing your own Linkedin strategy that can be scaled for any business, large or small.

Build a Linkedin company page

OK so first things first. If you don’t yet have a company page on Linkedin is to create one.

Visit to get started with building your page. Enter your name and your company email address to verify you are eligible. Once you’ve logged in create a company profile, add a banner and a company logo.

Once you’ve built your page you will need to promote it. These best way to do this is to ask your employees, if you have them, to link to the company page from their own profiles.

Make sure you link to your company page from your own profile too. You can even ask clients to follow your page too. You can even ask your clients to right a recommendation for you.

Add products and services, pricing if appropriate, and additional information like opening times.


Linkedin is still a social network, albeit a professional one. Join in and participate in groups and discussions. Avoid talking too much self promotion and talking about your own business.

Answering questions and participating in group discussions is an excellent way to show your knowledge in your particular area of expertise.

If you’re business is a local one, find local business groups, join and interact within these.

Update Frequently

Treat content on Linkedin as you would an update to your blog or website. Make it relevant and interesting.

Post updates daily. This can be things like company news, blog posts, industry articles, white papers.

Use images. These should be high quality, use them in your post updates to increase engagement.

Do research

Stuck for what to post? Take a look at similar pages to yours. What are your competitors doing? What groups are they members of? What content are they posting?

Set Smart Goals and Define KPI

Define some Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – Measure and refine these.

KPI need to be SMART






For Example. We will attract X new followers to the Linkedin page on a monthly basis and we will achieve this by XX date.

Linkedin will play just one part of your overall marketing strategy so define some needs of the business and how Linkedin will play a part.

Some examples may be;

Generate more leads

To project a more professional image

Brand awareness

More phone calls and enquires

More quotes

As with everything in marketing, constantly measure and refine what you are doing. What works for one business will be very different from another.

Phil Monk

I am a email marketing consultant with over 10 years experience running B2C, B2B and eCommerce campaigns. I’ve also run and managed SEO and PPC campaigns

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